The SAFETIS system for the timely detection of fire is based on contact-free measurement of temperature using thermal imagining cameras.

Workswell SAFETIS graph
Phase 1

Gradual heating

Flames and even smoke have not started yet. There is only the risk of gradual warming. Even though the smoke detectors do not respond, the SAFETIS system records small changes in warming and can respond in time.

Phase 2

Smoke generation

Smoke detectors respond in this phase, i.e. at the time when the smoke is generated. However, this is the risky phase where a rapid escalation of a destructive fire can occur. The SAFETIS system would respond a long time before the occurrence of this event.

Phase 3

Flare up

In this phase, flames are visible and smoke is generated. Special CCTV cameras and the smoke detectors respond to this. Usually, this is too late and the loss of property or life frequently occurs.

Systems and the solution for early fire detection

Workswell SAFETIS

The most important properties

A list of the most important properties of the system for early fire detection


All in one

SAFETIS is a smart thermal vision system from the Workswell company and is the first product in the new category of intelligent thermal image systems. It is a complete solution integrated into one cover and consists of a thermal imaging camera, control unit, I/O card, TPC/IP interface and a built-in web server that can control the system from anywhere or be connected to the master system.


Visualization and evaluation

The SAFETIS system can be set and controlled independently without the need for another external device. This is done through the built-in web server, which enables to remotely control it through the Internet. The system can record images or videos before or during an alarm. This allows to analyse and evaluate critical situations in order to prevent problems arising.


Simple integration

The system includes a web server which for the overall setting and remote control without the need to use other devices. Everything can be controlled, including measuring functions, inputs, outputs, and transmission of images. This anti-fire protection system can be integrated into any master system through 4 analogue outputs, 8 digital outputs on SAFETIS Control Unit, 7 digital outputs of each SAFETIS camera, 4 digital inputs, and Ethernet TCP/IP.

High level of IP protection

Practically the highest level of protection against dust and water


Extremely short response time

The system can respond in an extremely short time


Large monitoring area

Discover monitoring area with our FOV Calculator


Fully radiometric up to high temperatures

The system can measure temperature and record trends

up to 1,500°C


up to 1500°C

Range of temperature



Visualization of the increase in temperature



Recording and archiving events



We supply the complete set


Conventional smoke detectors

Late warning

Smoke detectors and CCTV anti-fire cameras respond to the origination of smoke or fire. By evaluating the temperature trends using the thermal imaging camera, unusual behaviour can be detected before flames or smoke appear. Artificial intelligence can automatically evaluate these trends and immediately respond or notify the master system.

Erroneous evaluation

Smoke detectors can sometimes transmit erroneous alarms. They can be relatively easily activated by steam and dust. Installation of smoke detectors near furnaces or other thermal devices is a relatively quick way to trigger false alarms. Unfortunately, just these areas alone are those where it is necessary to fully monitor fire risks. Detection of risks in an outdoor environment with these devices is highly problematic.


  • Detects fire hazard before it even starts
  • Informs about critical temperatures via alarms
  • Fully automated thermal imaging camera with evaluation functions
  • Provides radiometric data in every pixel
  • Designed for almost all environments thanks to IP67
  • Fully calibrated for 550°C (with filters up to +1500°c)
  • High resolution available 640 x 512 px

A self-contained system for the quick detection of the origination of fire

The main purpose of the Workswell SAFETIS thermal imaging system is to prevent the risk of the occurrence of fire. The system does not evaluate the occurrence of fire, but using the contact-free measurement of temperature, it records temperatures on individual parts of the surface and evaluates any trends in the increase of temperature. Artificial intelligence, with the use of default parameters and long-term monitoring, can evaluate potential risks and timely inform the master system or operators.



Industrial warehouses


Agricultural warehouses


Ammunition warehouses


Depots and incineration plants


Coal warehouses


ATEX environment


Conveyor belts


Chemical plants


Cement plants


Monitoroving of perimeters




And others...

Workswell SAFETIS

Different versions for different needs


SAFETIS indoor

Basic version of the system SAFETIS designed for indoor environment where temperatures do not drop below 0°C. This is the smallest type of SAFETIS thanks to the simple and elegant design which allows to offer all the functions for fire detection and prevention.

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SAFETIS outdoor

System is designed to meet requirement to be placed in heavy outdoor conditions which corresponds to a high degree of protection IP67. The protective housing is equipped with internal heating including system to protect the germanium window from ice.

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SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt

SAFETIS Outdoor Pan-Tilt

The Pan-Tilt outdoor version allows to set the camera to any position. Each preset position which are changing in time could be programmed in advance. This is only used in cases where there is no need for continuous monitoring of the entire area.

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SAFETIS Stainless steel


The protective cover of this camera is designed to provide resistance in extreme conditions where it has high corrosive effects or a ban on the occurrence of aluminum. Also this camera is designed for demanding outdoor use with a high degree of protection.

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The special design of the SAFETIS EX allows installation even in an explosive environment where strict standards and ATEX certifications are required. The most common use is therefore in petrochemical plants, mines or mills, but also in areas with high concentrations of alcohol in the air.

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SAFETIS Control unit

SAFETIS water cooled

SAFETIS cameras can work autonomously without the need for additional devices. For cases where several SAFETIS cameras need to be connected in one system, the control unit with special software has been developer. Apart from central controlling of entire system it allows for example also sequence recording.

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Advanced 24/7 monitoring

SAFETIS Control unit

SAFETIS Control Unit has been developed for complex early fire detection and protection requiring 24/7 monitoring. This allows you to prevent critical situations and fire hazards that can damage huge values of company properties. Thanks to advanced SAFETIS Control unit features, all alarms are activated even before any fire starts. The SAFETIS Control Unit is available in two versions for up to 8 or 16 SAFETIS cameras connected at the same time.


  • Up to 16 SAFETIS cameras at the same time
  • Real-time streaming of each connected SAFETIS
  • 8 digital outputs on SAFETIS Control Unit, 7 digital outputs of each SAFETIS camera

Recording & visualisation

  • Advanced visualization and recording functions
  • Periodical recording of radiometric images
  • Automatic recording of radiometric sequences up to 60s before alarm, during and after alarm


  • Live graphs based on temperature values
  • Position control of any connected Pan-Tilt SAFETIS
  • Settings of all parameters of any connected SAFETIS

Introducing the SAFETIS system

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SAFETIS connection options

SAFETIS Connection
Camera parameters calculation

Field of View calculator


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